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Bikes rental

2 hours 9 € 7 € 40 €
½ day (4 hours) 12 € 10 € 40 €
1 day (24 hours) 15 € 12 € 40 €
2-3-days 13 € 11 € 40 €
4-6 days 11 € 10 € 40 €
> 7 days 10 € 9 € 40 €
Baby seat 5 €
 Extra time ** **
ROUTES 20 € / Route ½ day. Bycicle + helmet + Guide specilist + accidents insurance.

Mínimum 4 persons. Otras routes, consult us.

Pita-aventura schedule, accordingly pick up and return times of the bikes will be:

Open all year from 9:30 am to 13:30 pm (Afternoon open only under reservation)

High season also from 5:00 pm to 9:oo pm (june 1st to september 15th)

July and august from 6:00 pm to 12:00

* Closed for holidays: from December 20th to January 10th.




Whoever hire the bicycle must be over 18 years old and posses and National Identification Document of the European Union or Passport for the rest of the countries.

– To regularize the rental, a 40€ deposit will be asked for and this will be by cash.
– Return the bicycle/s and the rest of the optional stuff will be given to the Pita-aventura´s staff according to the time and date stipulated in this agreement. The breach of this will cost an extra charge to the lessee adding 9€ every two hours. Not return the hire vehicle and additional staff the day stipulated on this agreement will cost 15€ extra.
– Pita – Aventura deliver bycicles with helmet and bike lock without extra charge. We strongly recommend wear the helmet everytime on the bike.

– Pita – Aventura has seats for babies for an extra charge. Baby should be at least 2 years old and be able to hold his head and body in a right position by himself and be able to wear the helmet.
Customers should be healthy, and be able to ride a bycicle and possessing the necessary control of the equipment hired.
– Return the bycicle and the equipment hired will be done only to the Pita-aventura´s staff.

– This will return complete and in the same conditions that it was recieved at the beginning of the hire period. Any damage on the equipment rented during the hire period will be paid by the lessee.

– Must report to Pita-aventura´s staff about any damage on the bycicle, the equipment or any malfunction on it.

– Customers must take care of and take every caution necessary to protect the bycicle and the equipment hired from damages, lost or stealing. In any of these cases during the hired period, lessee will asume immediatly the entire cost of replacement.

– A Pita-aventura´s staff will check the conditions of the equipment rented at the end of the hire period, and will value, just in case, the lost or damages produced.

– Lessee must lock the bycicle at any time when those are not under his sight.

– Pita-Aventura has a civil responsibility insurance that cover every damage produced by the malfunction of the rented equipment.

Customer should be covered properly against risks could appear during the rent
– Pita-Aventura will not be reponsible of any reclamation by accidents, wounds, hits or damages produced to himself, others persons or stuff missed during the rent.

It is a customer responsibility and its companions to respect spanish traffic regulations, drive carefully and respect the pedestrians.

-Every data provided by customers will be only used for a proper service contracted. According to the law you can apply the data to access, change, or cancel them by contacting Pita-Aventura at:

Tel/Fax: 950207964-626460869